Recyclable Packaging Policy

At Crockery Direct we're concerned about the environment and the waste currently produced by ecommerce retailers. We have made a pledge to only use recyclable packaging for our products. Unfortunately however, some of our suppliers still use non-recyclable packaging and in order to reduce the handling of the product and to ensure their safe transport to you we may deliver your products with some of the original supplier packaging which may include styrofoam and plastic packaging tape.

Steps we've taken:

  • We use recycled cardboard boxes where possible, but rest assured that all of our cardboard boxes are recyclable.
  • We only use gum paper tape in order to reduce the amount of plastic we use. Gum paper tape is recyclable.
  • We don't use conventional bubble wrap, we use a cardboard alternative which is recyclable
  • Any filler or padding we use will always be recyclable

We are working with our suppliers to adopt the same standards as us, unfortunately change in an established industry is slow, but rest assured that we share your concerns and are working towards changing our industry. We believe there is no longer a place for non-recyclable packaging in our industry and there is no longer an excuse. The time for change is now and we're working towards it. 


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