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If you have a hotel or guesthouse then you need high-quality and durable crockery to impress your guests. Look no further than Crockery Direct for expertise on tableware, no matter if it be dinner plate sets, cups, saucers, teapots, display stands or any other type of crockery. We are experts in what we do and would be able to assist any hotel or guesthouse with any crockery requirements – even if we don’t stock it on site, get in contact and we will aim to help you find your perfect hotel tableware.

Catering to your guests properly is half of a bed and breakfast experience so it’s highly important that any hotel capitalises on this to make the most out of the guest’s overall experience. We have a huge range of crockery that can help match your aesthetic but also enhance food and hot drink presentation. Wow your guests again and again with minimalistic white plates to really show your food off, a pop of colour with a bright red BIA Infuse Teapot or serve a cappuccino in a fantastic patterned cup and saucer. Give your hotel a fantastic personality through your crockery and really show off your true colours which gives guests that authentic and premium experience. Finally, we also offer great bulk buy discounts, so you save even more money with us. Browse our extensive selection below and let Crockery Direct take care of all your hotel and guesthouse tableware needs.

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Hotel Dinner Plate | White | 250mm
£6.99 Regular price £7.99
Kaszub Dinner Plate | White | 305mm Kaszub Dinner Plate | White | 305mm
Kaszub Dinner Plate | White | 305mm
£13.00 Regular price £14.40
Globe Teapot 550ml | White
£13.99 Regular price £17.00
Roma Bread Plate | White | 170mm
£4.99 Regular price £6.00
Kaszub Bread Plate | White | 160mm
£4.49 Regular price £5.00
Three Tiered Cake Stand | Glass
Three Tiered Cake Stand | Glass
£30.00 Regular price £35.00
BIA Infuse Teapot BIA Infuse Teapot
BIA Infuse Teapot
£13.99 Regular price £18.99
Sonia Teacup & Saucer | White
£6.49 Regular price £8.99
Roma Soup Bowl | White
£6.39 Regular price £6.99
Cake Stand | Elegance White | 270mm
£25.00 Regular price £29.99


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